The cycle of water…..ever repeating. Water never stays the same form. Always changing due to the environment–nothing that the water controls. Have I ever felt that way. Like no matter what I did I had to change, I didn’t want to but needed to. Yes but that part of life has made me better I suppose, that part of my life I needed to change because of choices I made. I was still me-just like water is still water–but I had to grow I had to evaporate to become something new. I couldn’t be water anymore. Well I guess that’s not quite right either. Still I had a choice to become more to change-unlike water. I think the big part of comparing myself to water is that I had a choice to change. Water is water no matter what..just like I am me no matter what. I think we have that connection. That water changes forms and it is still water. Like I can be a mother, a co-worker, an aunt, a best friend, a neighbor and im still water. And still through the human cycle of being an infant to a toddler to child to a teen to an adult. I have been me but through going through these cycles has just added layers to me.

I have a strange attraction to water I must say tho….it is very mood setting for me. Hmmmm I think my friends will agree. I often see a picture or water at a still with the sun above shining on it. something about seeing those things silently speaking the water, the air and they sky above….reminds me of birth and death. A natural stillness where there is no influence it is as you see it. Then the rain–the snow–the ice this reminds of the choices this is the cross roads this is where outside influences pull us gather us…..this is where we decide what we are to become. The evaporation is the change is the when the rain–the snow–the ice is over and we have evaporated to begin us the new us again something new altered in us…for this is still us(water) we are just adding to us.

Ice, Water, Steam


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