The life

Well its 10:00 just listening to my music! Which besides my kids music motivates me to move everyday. So while the kids are fighting there internal child clock to stay up…they are like little bouncing beans bouncing from wall to wall ugh. I have 4 kids–2 of them are sleeping where they are supposed to be That would be the baby(because she cant move) and my 14 yr old(because he strives to be normal). So the other two you ask. Well the 3 yr is sleeping half on the baby gat and half ; the 8 yr old is in the chair in the living room why…because he is demonstrating some control lol!  I sit down at my labtop and youtube music! Taylor Swift, Bieber, Gomez! All good shit. I cant stand when ppl look at me look im doing something wrong because I listen to that music and I have kids! NEWSFLASH

MIND YOUR OWN BUISNESS! I can’t even believe someone has enough time to even care what im listening to lol

Be back later


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