I am a 31 year old married woman with 4 kids. I have kept a journal my whole life. Not just a journal of my life….a journal of things. Things I think of that I want to learn about. And as an adult that has just grown with me. I keep a list handy if anything pops in my mind I write it down and the research it and then right down the stuff I learned—why yes this is my nerd list–as my children say.

I want to write about everything….and anything. From my thoughts on my life…to facts I have found. To things I want to learn–to how my day has been if I want to blow off some steam.

And really blogging just gives me time to organize my day dreams into a time slot 🙂

I am doing this as online so maybe whoever else makes a nerd list—we can compare or you can add things and maybe one day someone will doing something all bored and happen to come on my site and my need my list lol….not to sureWith all the precious time I have left in my world…I would love to realize that I never gave up thinking–even if its just between spongebob episodes


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